The City undertakes significant improvements on the coast of Los Abrigos

Translated from Spanish:

The actions respond to local demand and foster improved business and restaurant in the coastal enclave


The Department of Services headed by the socialist Juan Rodriguez Bello, has recently proceeded with the implementation of a major shock in the coastal village of Los Abrigos consisting of expanding the number of parking spaces, as well as demolition and field condition in an area close to the beach, fishing shelter and refreshment area.

Also is under way to unify and extend the sidewalks in the same area in order to improve accessibility and safety for pedestrians and visitors. Bello Rodriguez notes that performances is “necessary” to improve the economic activity of fishing enclave, since the problem of parking was hurting the business in some cases to prevent the opening of several locals.

The councilor responsible for Services explained that the work being done is an important local demand thereby responds to their immediate needs, “while it responds to election commitment socialist group with these people who had for years without have this kind of services. ”

It also mentions that Bello Rodriguez, with the collaboration of the Department of Environment which is responsible Donate Jacob, and the Department of Security who heads Guacimara Gonzalez, are working to improve the aesthetics of the waterfront of Los Abrigos through implementing various artistic performances to be given with greater seafaring identity to the core. There have also been improvements in urban signage to facilitate our visitors parking and transit of our neighbors.

This, argue the Socialist councilors, has been carried out by personnel of the service area and paid for by the municipal coffers, to respond to requests that have sent us neighborhood associations and business due to the state it was in this area Los Abrigos, and that is the gateway to one of our areas of beaches and restaurants. These works, as executed by the Coastal Improvement Plan of El Medano in previous months, will make a “significant” improvement for two separate cores.


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