Learning Spanish in Tenerife

Guest Article :-  Written by Marlon Serrano

What is the Quickest Way to Learn Spanish?

Vamos a aprender Español en Tenerife


I’d like to talk to you about the best way to learn Spanish fast. There are many reasons why a person wants to learn Spanish fast. A vast number of people every day all they want top learn Spanish quickly, easily and inexpensively. Half of the Western Hemisphere speaks Spanish and many more are trying to learn Spanish online. There are many different ways to learn Spanish from online videos to teach yourself books.

Learning Spanish Quickly

The best way is to live in a totally Spanish-speaking county like Tenerife. If you could hear and speak Spanish 24 – 7, you would learn Spanish very quickly indeed. The easiest way to learn Spanish is the language immersion and learning Spanish by traveling to Spanish-speaking countries by living there will be much more enjoyable. You learn faster and remember Spanish words over five to 20 times more effective than traditional methods of learning!  You’ll learn Spanish as you learned your native language – through practice and repeated communication. The best way to learn Spanish, of course, is practice whatever method you choose and that method can be different for each person but usually best way to learn is to listen and speak as much as possible. Not only will you learn the language, you will understand it and that’s important. You need to improve your Spanish as being used in a normal conversion with someone.

Mobile Phones in Tenerife

One of the hardest things about not knowing Spanish becomes apparent when you get a mobile phone.  Lebara offers a great cheap service and if you have a phone that’s unlocked you will have no trouble using their sim.  There are also many places where you can top including an online option.  The only drawback is when you get a message on your mobile in Spanish and you can’t understand a word, so you don’t realise they are telling you that you need to top up.  Or you might be trying to make a call on your mobile and a Spanish voice is trying to tell you the phone numer is engaged or unobtainable, bt of course you don’t have a clue because you don’t speak SPanish.  What a pain!

Why do we want to learn Spanish?

There are many reasons to learn Spanish and Tenerife is not only a reason but a prime destination to do it. However, many people still buy all kinds of  Spanish books to learn to find only know the basics of Spanish and are unable to pronounce the th language correctly and can’t make themselves understood . Many well-known  Spanish learning aids available claim to be able to teach you how to speak Spanish both  fast and fluid but you need to practice your Spanish classes for at least half an hour every day for at least three months just to even master the basics. Only by improving listening comprehension and pronunciation, you will start to get result. In order to learn Spanish through traditional means, you needs book and for set it’s not cheap to say nothing of all the audio CDs you will need.

So by all means master the basics but all in all, Tenerife the perfect setting to learn Spanish and to feel comfortable in a holiday environment you can in or out of, whilst living amongst the local people.



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