Guitar Player at Picasso’s

I love eating at Picasso’s. Mediterranean food that’s really high quality, attentive waiters and a great atmosphere.

Last time I was there they had a guitar player and I was very impressed. It just finished off the evening beautifully.


Why Spanish guitar was invented?

A long time ago when the Moors conquered Spain a farmer in Toledo was bored and was trying to create a weapon, but it came out as a guitar.

One day he was having lunch with his family and  the Moors came to destroy the village.  As they were entering the man  picked up his guitar and broke it in his head. With that guitars were distributed throughout Spain.

One day the guitar came at the hands of a musician.   The musician was one of the most famous of the time. The musician also discovered that he could play. So the musician made the first ​​famous guitar, and the creator became even more famous.

What do you think?  Fact or fiction?


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