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Work Completed on 1st Phase of Hospital Sur

The president of the Cabildo of Tenerife, Carlos Alonso, said yesterday in a brief meeting with the media, that work on the first phase of Hospital del Sur will be finally completed later this January. Then it is down to the Government of Canarias to ensure it has the equipment and staff to come into operation next March or April.

Alonso said the Cabildo of Tenerife has already invested over 30 million euros in the construction of the hospital building.

Now the Canarian Government has to ensure completion of the center – they have already begun to collect tenders for works and equipment.

This new center will, among other things, have better emergency services than those of Hospital Candelaria, day hospital for treatment of chronically ill and beds of medium and long stay emergency.


Increase in Flu Virus

Despite good results from the vaccination campaign, the Ministry of Health of the Canaries expects a surge in flu cases for the final weeks of this month and early next February.  The virus, already rampant in the rest of Spain since the end of December, is expected to double in Tenerife.

flu-tenerifeThe Canary Islands had recorded a total of 12.63 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, while the national rate refers 31.82 cases per 100,000 population, so Tenerife is still considered low.

Even so the Canarian Ministry of Health expects patients to increase over the next weeks; according says the head of the Epidemiology, “although profession is unpredictable, the peak is usually in late January” .

The argument is not based on anything other than the falling temperatures. It is getting colder than we are accustomed in Tenerife and that will cause the virus to replicate as with lower temperatures, people spend more time indoors, which facilitates the spread as the flu is airborne”.

Another scenario to consider, is that some experts argue that the arrival of the virus to the Tenerife comes in the wake of visitors from abroad.

The Epidemiology Department of Public Health states “Most people confuse the flu with other respiratory diseases.”  So the first thing is to make sure that it is actually the flu virus and not a common cold. “The clearest symptoms are intense joint pain, fever above 38 or 39 degrees and an urgent need to go to bed” he says in summary.

Many people refer to flu when they have symptoms such as sore throat, cough or runny nose “but it is often nothing but a simple cold”.  Although most of the population at risk have been vaccinated during the first two weeks of the campaign, García Rojas expects “an increase to occur in Tenerife, precisely because we are seeing the rise of cases in the rest of the country.”

In any case, Amos Rojas García advises for those developing flu symptoms,  “rest and drink plenty of fluids”. Drug treatment is recommended in case of certain symptoms, ie, thedrugs that are recommended are those that mitigate fever or discomfort, but “the patient should never self-medicate and even less so in the case of antibiotics as this will have no affect and will not cure the flu.”  “The doctor is the one who must prescribe” insists the epidemiologist.”

Put your clothes on!

“Put your clothes on, please. There is no nudity allowed here”. This is what a local police officer from Adeje told a German tourist who spent the morning naked on Ajabo beach, near Callao Salvaje.

The incident occurred last Wednesday when several bathers warned the officers of the presence of a woman who was walking along the beach with nothing on.

nudist beaches in Tenerife

Nudist on the Beach in Adeje

According to an eyewitness, the tourist arrived about 11:00 hours Ajabo beach, took off her clothes and was naked and like thatwas until he left at about 13:30. “The woman did not seem quite normal. Suddenly she began to dance, going from here to there on the sand as if she was talking to the waves.”

The witness stated that many of the swimmers were upset because they had gone with children and because the beach is not on the list of nudist beaches in Tenerife.

The woman returned back after lunch and repeated the offence.

Then, about 15:30, the police approached her again and asked her to kindly put some clothes on, to which the German woman agreed without demur.

The municipal law prohibits the practice of nudism on the Adeje coast but they do have established exceptions, such as el caso de la cala de Diego Hernández, between La Caleta and Paradise Beach, a remote area away from ​​the busiest beaches in Adeje.

Another €600k to Streamline Hospitals


Hospital Sur Tenerife

Tenerife’s provisional budget is now 2.6 million for 2015 to expedite the work in the regional hospitals of Tenerife, as agreed on Monday by the Governing Council of the island. Although they had planned an amount of two million, the amount finally rose by 600,000 from the contingency fund, so that the construction of the complex in the South did not fail at first hurdle.

This was announced yesterday at a press conference the Vice President and Minister of Social Welfare, Aurelio Abreu, who added that this is the eleventh addendum to the agreement signed by the Canary Islands Government – with Service Canary Health- for the construction of hospital complexes in the North and South of the Island and specialized care centers (CAE). In addition, the Minister recalled that 2.6 million euros from the Cabildo amounting to 6.4 million by 2015 which was allocated the regional government, in his opinion, will be sufficient to meet the schedule. Abreu added that in this way the council makes it possible for the works of the center in El Mojon to be concluded in February. “The Canary Islands government has set its priority, while the Cabildo has been loyal, adding these extra 600,000 euros, as the technical reports of the Canary Government and the IASS bet that was necessary, so we took it to the full” said former vice president.


He insisted that they chose this route forward and not wait for the Canarian Executive to provide those funds, expected in March, and thus ensure that works for Emergency and Specialities in the hospitals in the South were not paralysed. The Minister recalled that even the building of specialities in El Mojon is owned by the counci. Finally, Abreu moved that the council will make a partial acceptance of the works by the end of February 2015.