Another €600k to Streamline Hospitals


Hospital Sur Tenerife

Tenerife’s provisional budget is now 2.6 million for 2015 to expedite the work in the regional hospitals of Tenerife, as agreed on Monday by the Governing Council of the island. Although they had planned an amount of two million, the amount finally rose by 600,000 from the contingency fund, so that the construction of the complex in the South did not fail at first hurdle.

This was announced yesterday at a press conference the Vice President and Minister of Social Welfare, Aurelio Abreu, who added that this is the eleventh addendum to the agreement signed by the Canary Islands Government – with Service Canary Health- for the construction of hospital complexes in the North and South of the Island and specialized care centers (CAE). In addition, the Minister recalled that 2.6 million euros from the Cabildo amounting to 6.4 million by 2015 which was allocated the regional government, in his opinion, will be sufficient to meet the schedule. Abreu added that in this way the council makes it possible for the works of the center in El Mojon to be concluded in February. “The Canary Islands government has set its priority, while the Cabildo has been loyal, adding these extra 600,000 euros, as the technical reports of the Canary Government and the IASS bet that was necessary, so we took it to the full” said former vice president.


He insisted that they chose this route forward and not wait for the Canarian Executive to provide those funds, expected in March, and thus ensure that works for Emergency and Specialities in the hospitals in the South were not paralysed. The Minister recalled that even the building of specialities in El Mojon is owned by the counci. Finally, Abreu moved that the council will make a partial acceptance of the works by the end of February 2015.



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