Put your clothes on!

“Put your clothes on, please. There is no nudity allowed here”. This is what a local police officer from Adeje told a German tourist who spent the morning naked on Ajabo beach, near Callao Salvaje.

The incident occurred last Wednesday when several bathers warned the officers of the presence of a woman who was walking along the beach with nothing on.

nudist beaches in Tenerife

Nudist on the Beach in Adeje

According to an eyewitness, the tourist arrived about 11:00 hours Ajabo beach, took off her clothes and was naked and like thatwas until he left at about 13:30. “The woman did not seem quite normal. Suddenly she began to dance, going from here to there on the sand as if she was talking to the waves.”

The witness stated that many of the swimmers were upset because they had gone with children and because the beach is not on the list of nudist beaches in Tenerife.

The woman returned back after lunch and repeated the offence.

Then, about 15:30, the police approached her again and asked her to kindly put some clothes on, to which the German woman agreed without demur.

The municipal law prohibits the practice of nudism on the Adeje coast but they do have established exceptions, such as el caso de la cala de Diego Hernández, between La Caleta and Paradise Beach, a remote area away from ​​the busiest beaches in Adeje.


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