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Spanish Teacher Fernando UrizarEmail: Fernando

One of Fernando’s students recently commented, “Fernando is a very responsible Spanish   tutor who takes his work very seriously. He is a serious teacher for anyone who  is serious about learning Spanish. I highly recommend him.” 

Availability: 35 hrs/wk. M,Tu,W,Th,F
Cost per Lesson: £5 or $8

Teaches: Beginner through Advanced
Education: Professor of Literature and SpanishExperience: 10 years
Fluent in:
Spanish, English (bilingual)

Webcam: optional

Follow-up lessons are £5/$8 an hour.

Fernando is a well educated and outgoing person. He has traveled and lived around the world.
He has extensive experience teaching Spanish and is often asked to teach the Spanish tutors at other Spanish schools. Fernando teaches the teachers.

Fernando enjoys teaching today as much as he did on his very first day as a tutor many years ago. He is passionate about Spanish and he wants to share  his passion for the language with each student.

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